Top 20 Kitchen Hacks That will Save Time and More Money

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A chief cook and writer at Simple Bites , Aimee Wimbush-Bourque, revealed her twenty (20) favourite money and time-saving kitchen hacks via her blog post. 

According to her, time and money are the two major reasons why we all try to be competent and perfect our kitchen skills. She further stated that, even though we learn these key attributes over the years of professional training, having a helpful tip at the right time could help anyone even more.

While stating that these favourite hacks came from her years of working in the catering industry, as well as knowledge she has gathered from fellow culinary experts, they are however very applicable to an everyday cook, professional or otherwise, because she still uses them at home for her family as well. 

She also added that she hopes that these hacks will help make cooking and baking easier for anyone who uses it. 

In her list of favourite kitchen hacks, the following were included:

1. Making an envelope into a cone shape and using it as a funnel to enable you pass dry foods into a narrowed-mouth container without any spillage.

2. Leaving fruits like avocado  for some days in an air-tight paper bag secured with a peg to get them ripened        quickly.

3. Freezing a can of tomato paste by opening the other end of the can, turn it on it’s side, wrap in a plastic bag  and freeze until solid. Then unwrap the can to push out the solid frozen paste from the can and discard. You then wrap the frozen paste bag in the plastic bag and put back in the freezer.

4. Open a jar with a tight lid by running it in hot water for sometime, then use a damp towel to open.

5. Set a cutting board on a wet towel or napkin to avoid it from slipping.

6. Put a dried lasagna into a watery sauce to absorb the excess unwanted liquid, while still maintaining the taste or it’s regular nature. The soaked lasagna sheet should be dispose off before serving the sauce.

7. Place dried chili pepper or bay leaf inside the storage container of your grains to ward off bugs.

8. Use a shower cap to cover stuff like plates or bowls of food and loaves of bread. You can reuse by rinsing,      washing and drying or even supporting it with a rubber band.

Click on the link to find out the other 12 favourite hacks she mentioned – Link  

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