How To Easily Clean Your Kitchen Tools/Gadgets Using These Hacks

The easiest way to get contamination from food bacteria is through the kitchen gadgets you use. Your kitchen is where you get to prepare great meals. And to prepare any great meal, you will need to use a number of kitchen tools and gadgets to make the cooking easier and enjoyable. From the cooking gas, oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave to the pots, pans, kettles, blender, can opener, grater, whisk, and a whole lot more, are all the tools that make up your kitchen. These tools say a lot about you and your home.  
But, how well do you get to clean these tools after using them? Some kitchen gadgets are problematic to clean, while some have built-up residue over time and get rusty, making them look very filthy, and likely causing health problems. 
Using these hacks will not only help you easily keep your kitchen gadgets sparkling clean and free from bacteria, they will also help to preserve them for a very long time. 

1. Blender

When cleaning a blender, you are at risk of getting your fingers cut against the blades. Instead, you will fill the blender half-way with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Add a half-sliced lemon or some vinegar into the blender. Allow the blender to run and whirl for 20 – 30 seconds. Make sure the water gets to the top of the blender when you whirl and then rinse. You can decide to whirl again while rinsing. This is optional. 

2. Refrigerator

Refrigerator is an important equipment in every kitchen because it is where different kinds of food, whether cooked or raw/fresh, are stored. If it is not properly cleaned, they become an easy place for bacteria to colonize. Therefore, your fridge must be cleaned regularly. 
Make a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar and salt into a spray bottle and spray in on the surface of your refrigerator. Let it stay for 3-5 minutes before wiping it off with a dry cloth.
You can also clean the refrigerator using a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Then, use a sponge to wash on the surfaces and wipe clean with a dry cloth. 

3. Microwave

When food is heated up in the microwave without a covering, it leaves splashes of grease and food all over the walls of the microwave. When it is not cleaned immediately, the stains dry up and build up over time. This makes it harder to clean, and thereby making you spend more time cleaning it. 
So, to quickly clean your microwave, slice a lemon into half and squeeze the juice or some vinegar into ½ a cup of water. Drop the half lemon into the water after squeezing it and put the cup of water with its content inside the microwave. Heat it up for up to 5 minutes to start boiling. Leave the boiling water in the oven for like five minutes to allow the steam come off. The steam that comes from the mixture softens the stains which makes it easy to clean off. Then clean with a dry clean cloth.

4. Grater

Graters come in very handy. But after sometime, it starts to get rusty which can easily contaminate your food. 
To get rid of all the rust, slice a lemon into two halves and dip one-half of the lemon in salt. Then, grate it and make sure the lemon touches every corner of the grater. Then wash the grater with soap and a sponge to remove every dirt or stain. It’s best to avoid using a sponge that can get destroyed by the grater.

5. Kettle

If you use an electric kettle or a normal kettle for boiling water, you will notice that after using the kettle for some time, it usually leaves some residue that needs to be cleaned out. If scrubbed too hard with a sponge, it can leave scratches or get the kettle damaged.
A safe and easy way to clean the kettle is to put some water in the kettle and add some vinegar, lemon juice or one tea-spoon of baking soda. Allow the water to boil, then wait for it to cool before pouring it out. Then rinse with clean water to get rid of all the debris.    

6. Whisk

Just fill a bowl with warm water and add dish washing soap. Place the whisk in the warm soapy water and whisk. This saves you a whole lot of time.

7. Rusty Kitchen Knives/ shears

When knives get rusty, they become dangerous to use because when the rust comes in contact with your food, it can lead to contamination which poses serious health risk.
You can get rid of the rust on your shears and knives by mixing some Bar Keepers Friend  with some water to make a paste. Rub it on the Knives and shears and allow to sit for one minute, then scrub with an iron or hard sponge and rinse off. This takes away all the rust.

8. Can Opener

Can openers make it easy to open food items in a can. I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping a can opener extremely clean because of the fact that it usually comes in contact with the food content in the can. 
To clean it, place the can opener heads down in white vinegar for 2 – 5 minutes, then dip a toothbrush in a dish soap and scrub every nooks and areas of the can opener to get all the built-up oil and rust off.

9. Cutting/ Chopping Board

If you are not slicing bread on the chopping board, you will be cutting either meat, fish, chicken, or fruits and vegetables. And because there are usually scratches and stains hiding on the board even after washing it, it makes it an ideal place for bacteria to live in and grow. These increases the risk of contamination, leading to ill-health. 

To clean the chopping board, sprinkle salt on the board, and squeeze a half sized lemon or lime on the surface. Then rub the squeezed half-sliced lime or lemon on the surface to completely dissolve the salt. Leave it for 15 minutes to dry. Then rinse off with warm water. 

You can also use an onion by cutting it into half and rubbing it on the surface of the cutting board. Then rinse with clean water and then dry it.

Extra Tip: 

Use one chopping board for your meat, fish or chicken and another one for your vegetables.

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