How to Get Rid of Bad Smell Coming Out From Your Refrigerator With The Best Natural Tips

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The thought of waking up to the idea of a fresh glass of cold milk in the morning sounds very heavenly, until you are welcomed with a nasty foul smell once you open your refrigerator. The odour instantly kills any longing appetite you had previously and sometimes, can even make you feel ill.

The odour is caused by molecules that are circulating in the enclosed space in your fridge. They come out from the foods you store in the fridge and float in the air, as cleaning expert Jolie Kerr   clearly describes. From the spilled milk that has gone past the expiration date to the rotten or expired foods, and the leftovers from holidays and events, all these together contribute to the stinky smell that oozes out from the fridge.
If you are often bothered about these bad odour that comes out from your fridge, then these hacks are just what you need.

The Tips

Before you start thinking of how to take away the bad smell, the first thing to do is thoroughly clean the inside of your fridge and empty all unwanted and questionable foods. Make sure to wipe every surface inside the fridge with soap and water and dispose any food that has gone off.  
Just in case you are not aware, most refrigerators also have a secret compartment called the “drip pan” which holds a pool of smelly water collected over time. This is also likely to be a source of the bad odour from your refrigerator. This should also be cleaned thoroughly with a sponge and liquid soap, then replace back. This should reduce the smell noticeably.

When you are sure your fridge is clean enough, then you can go ahead with any of these natural solutions. Using these tips will help take away all those horrible odours away for good.

1.Oranges or Tangerines

When eating oranges or tangerines, you can take advantage of the peels by putting them in the corners of the refrigerator. Orange and tangerine peels naturally absorbs odour from the refrigerator.

Another way is to hollow out the inner pulp of orange or grapefuit, and then fill it with salt and place in the back of the refrigerator. When the salt gets completely damp, you can discard and replace with a new one. The salt helps to draw out the citrus smell from the peels and fills your fridge with a refreshing citrus fragrance.

2.Ground Coffee

Coffee is known for its strong powerful smell and its ability to absorb smells effectively. When using coffee, put freshly grounded coffee evenly distributed in a bowl and place it in the lower part of the fridge. Leave it in for some few days. This will help to soak up and absorb any bad odours. If you are not a fan of coffee, you may want to replace it with a bowl of dry oats. This also works very well. 


Lemon has its health benefits. It is also used for cleaning purposes. To use lemon, you will need to cut them into thin slices and place them in the fridge compartments. Lemons are known to have natural essential oils which will help to absorb all the smell and leave your fridge with a freshly lemony scent. If you are concerned about putting it directly on the surface in the fridge, you can place on a paper towel or saucer.

Alternatively, you may squeeze the juice out of the lemon and wipe with a sponge in every area of the fridge. Remember to replace the lemon slices after few days.

4.Tea bags

Put some bags of tea in a small cloth bag and place in the refrigerator. Tea bags can be used to deodorize continuously for up to 1 month. You can replace it with new ones after a while.


For easy use, pour white vinegar in a spray bottle half way and mix with warm water. Spritz all over inside the fridge and wipe away thoroughly with a cloth to reduce the strong smell of the vinegar. The acidity in vinegar helps to break down stubborn stains and will help to neutralize any bad odour in the fridge. 


If you are a lover of the sweet scent of vanilla like me, then you may opt for this one. 
Soak a few balls of cotton wool in vanilla extract and place them all around different areas in the fridge. Leave them inside for some few days. Be careful not to put in too many soaked balls. Now watch the delicious scent of vanilla ooze out of your fridge.

Extra Tip:

Avoid storing food in open containers in the fridge. This will prevent any contamination and strong smell from mixing with your food.

Try out any of these hacks and share which one of them was most ideal for you. I’m all ears.

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