How You Can Help Your Kids Memorize Your Phone Number

Apart from the academic skills that a child needs to learn at different stages, it is equally important for them to learn basic life skills. One of such skill is memorizing their parent’s phone numbers.
When I hear the report of any missing child, I often ask this question: Does he/she know their parent’s phone number in their heads?  

It is an unimaginable feeling to know that a child is somewhere out there in an unknown destination and does not know the how to reach either parent or anyone, even with access to a phone. It is as scary as it sounds. While we constantly pray that it does not get to our doorstep, it is crucial to teach kids to memorize their parent’s phone numbers in case of any emergencies or unfortunate situation. But come to think of it, who memorizes phone numbers these days when you can just press a button on the screen to search the name label of who you want to call?  

With so many distractions online and offline these days, and so much stuff to learn and do, getting kids to memorize phone numbers is no easy task for parents. But with these simple hacks, parents can get their kids to memorize the phone numbers easily and quickly.

Ways To Help Kids Memorize Phone Numbers

1. One way is to identify their favourite nursery rhyme or song, and just replace the    tune or letters with the phone number and who it belongs to, either mum or dad. That    way they can easily know whose number it is. 
The popular Mickey Mouse song theme  “M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E” loved by most kids was used by Jen Rice as shared on her blog playdough to plato. The letters were replaced with her phone number like this: “8-0-0-2-6-3-1-2-3-4-Mom”. This way, the numbers will stick in their heads after some practice and anytime they listen to the song, it’s the numbers they will remember. 

Yes, I know that having sharp memory skills is not something one is born with. But these skills will develop and improve the more they are used. Practice they say, makes perfect. 

2.  Another way is to make or change the password of their devices to your phone  number. You will have to switch to a custom numeric code from the passcode settings.  This will enable you use up to the number of digits required. 
Kids these days, are glued to their devices. From the loads of online learning and assignments to games and videos they watch and play online, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they will master these phone numbers.  
It is indeed a very comforting feeling for most parents knowing that their kids, even at very young age can get in touch with them should they ever get separated or in case of any emergencies.

Please share in the comments below if you have any techniques that has helped your kids learn your phone numbers. 

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