15 Amazing Hacks You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Coca-Cola

I wonder what comes to mind after watching this BBC interview with the CEO of Coca-Cola, James Quincey. Many of us have probably heard all the reasons why drinking Coke can be bad for our health. Even Medical News Today  reported that a single can of Coke contains 37grams (g) of sugar and that equates to about 10 teaspoons (tsp) of sugar. High sugar content, according to research, can have damaging effects on the body and contribute to a number of health conditions. But the good news is that, apart from being the classic carbonated beverage drink loved and consumed by many worldwide, Coke can also be used as a cleaner. Yes, you heard right! Coca-Cola can be used for cleaning and lots more. 

So, just before you start thinking of  crossing it out of your grocery list, you should know that there are many other uses of it. 

1. Clean Toilets

Now, there are many wonderful products you can use to clean toilets. But there are times when you might have run out of toilet cleaners and just need to get rid of stubborn stains in your toilet. A can of coke will do the magic. The soda content in Coca-Cola can be used to wash your toilet bowl to get a sparkling white toilet seat. The acidity levels in coke makes it a good household cleaner. All you have to do is pour a can or bottle of Coke around the edges of the toilet bowl and leave it overnight to soak, then scrub. A spotless toilet bowl awaits you.

2. Stain Remover

As odd as this sounds, you will be surprised to learn that you can use coke to remove stains like blood, grease or rust from your clothes. This may sound unreal, but it does work. If you have gotten your clothes stained with grease or rust before, then you’ll know how difficult it can be to remove the stains, even after using stain removers. Just go ahead to pour a can of coke into your washing bowl with your regular laundry detergent and water and wash as you usually would. It also helps to keep clothes smelling fresh. But it is advisable not to use it on plain white clothes as the caramel content may cause the colour to change. 

3. Wash your Jewelry 

After a while, when your jewelry begins to fade or change colour, you can wash them to make them look as new again. And yes, you can wash your jewelry with Coke. You just pour some coke into a glass and drop your jewelry into the glass of Coke and leave them for about 30minutes, and then rinse off in water. You’ll have them looking sparkling and not tarnished. Just make sure you do not leave them to stay in Coke for too long, as the acidic content can also rust the metal after staying in for a long time. 

4. Tenderize Meat / Marinate Meat 

Coke is now used by many chefs who add it to their recipes for a variety of great tasty dishes. Apart from the fact that the acidity and flavour of coke make it a great tenderizer for meat which helps to break down some protein content without allowing your meat to dissolve, it is also being used to marinate the meat to give it a good taste. Marinate your meat with soda and leave it for up to 1 hour or more for your steak or you can leave it in a night before grilling and see how the barbecued meat melts into your mouth. You can put the meat in a freezer bag and pour a can of Coke into the bag and seal the bag tightly. 

5. Clean your Pots and Pans / Degrease your Cookware

Pots and pans are usually a headache when it comes to washing out the grease stuck to them and after a while they begin to look so filthy you want to get rid of them. But the good news is Coke can come to the rescue. You can remove all those stubborn grease and burns stuck to the bottom and inside of your pots and pans with so much ease using a can of Coke. All you have to do is pour a can of coke into the pan and allow it to boil. Leave it overnight, then pour it out and then rinse with water. For the bottom of the pots and pans, you can soak them in coke in the sink and leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then scrub with a brush or sponge and rinse. 

6. De-scale Kettle

Just like vinegar, Coke can be used to get rid of limescale that sticks to your kettle and chemicals used to treat water.  So you can pour a can of coke into the kettle and bring it to boil. Leave it to sit for 30 minutes before pouring it out, then rinse off with water.

7. Add to Cake Batter

Did you know you could also add Coke to your cake batter? Oh yes you can! It is mostly ideal for chocolate cakes especially. The cake comes out looking very moist and tasting so delicious. If you love to bake, you should give this a try!

8. Clean Glass Windows and Tiles

When it comes to cleaning glass windows panes, citric acid is the excellent cleanser. And this is a main ingredient found in Coke. So it can be used to clean windows and glass showers. But, because coke is not an anti-bacterial product, it’s advisable to use a window cleaner first to get rid of possible bacteria. So, after washing the window with a window cleaner, you can soak a napkin with Coke and use it to clean your window and rinse off with water to remove any smudges and streaks. You may decide to replace the Coke bottle with a spray cover to allow for easy handling and spraying.      

9. Defrost/de-ice ice on Windshield

For those who experience snow during winter, when your car windshield is covered with ice, you can be easily taken off by pouring a can of coke on the windshield and allow it settle for few minutes. The soda 

10. Remove Gum from Hair

Have you tried combing your hair and suddenly realized there is gum stuck somewhere in your hair? That can be terribly annoying. But apart from the other things you’ve heard that can get the gum out of your hair, Coke is also added to the list. Try pouring some coke on your hair, targeting the area where the gum is and leave it on for like 30 minutes.  The ingredients contained in coke helps to break down the gum, allowing it to come off your hair easily. Hopefully, you won’t need to get a hair-cut from your barbers. You can also use it to remove gums stuck on clothes or shoes. Just pour the coke on the gum and leave for few minutes. Then gently scrape it off.

11. Keep Flowers Fresh

If you love flowers, then I trust that you would want to keep them fresh for a long time. And so, just by adding soda to it, your freshly picked bouquet of flowers stays longer. Just pour 2 cups of water and 1 can of Coke into the vase, then add your flowers. The flowers feed on the sugar from the soda, keeping them fresh with a sweet smell.

12. Remove Rust

Before you consider throwing your rusty items away and buying a new one, save yourself some bucks by using Coke to get rid of the rust. From the bumper of your cars to the wheels of your bicycle or rusty bolts, pouring coke on them can take out any rust. The phosphoric acid is enough to decompose the rust particles and make it easier to come off, thereby making your bumper, bike or object looking like new again. You can dip the rusty objects into a cup of coke or dip a cloth in coke allowing the cloth to soak before rubbing the rust away. You can also use aluminum foil to rub the coke into the rust and watch it disappear. Also, when you are trying to loosen rusty nuts and bolts, pour some coke on it or soak a cloth in Coke and apply to the rusted area. Leave it for several minutes before trying to loosen it.

13.  Unclog Drains

Clogged drains are a common problem which can lead to leaks in the bathroom or kitchen. You can easily unclog your drain using a can of coke as well. Just pour a can of coke down the drain and leave it for 30 minutes. Then flush it down with a full kettle of boiling water. This will push down any blockage in the drain and allow your drain to run smoothly.

14. Fix Car Battery

Imagine rushing out of the house for an early morning meeting or interview. You had no time to even have breakfast, only to get into your car and try to start the key in the ignition but it just won’t start. Well, this is a very common scenario that can be caused by a dirty battery terminal and the acidity of coke may just be enough to clean the rusted terminals and give your car the quick fix it needs to get you to where you are going to, even without the help of a mechanic. Although, if the battery is already dead, cleaning it with Coke won’t bring it back to life. 

15.  Cures / Reliefs Nausea – Reduces Nausea

I know most people would easily throw away their bottle of Coke when it’s gone flat. But surprisingly, Emlii says that flat Coke effectively reduces nausea just like ginger ale.  If you feel nauseated, you can actually sip a teaspoon amount of flat Coke every hour to help reduce acute nausea. If you don’t have an already open bottle nearby, you can leave a new bottle open overnight to make the Coke flat, or you can add a teaspoon of sugar to your Coke and it will go flat quickly.  But, if the nausea persists, try to get enough rest and consider seeing a doctor.

So, which of these Coca-cola hacks did you find most surprising? 

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