12 Best Self-Defence Tools To Protect Yourself in 2021

All she wanted was a job!

She was headed for a job interview, all dressed and prepped up ready to take up on life’s next challenges, only to end up being raped, murdered and buried in a shallow grave. This is the story of late Iniobong Umoren.

And the scariest part is that it could have been anyone……….. and it can happen to anyone us.

At a time when Nigeria is experiencing very high crime rates, moving from one place to another and going about our normal activities is now done with a lot of fear, mostly “fear of the unknown”. People may appear fearless, but when it comes to unexpected attacks, no matter how small, fear must arise.

Today, anyone of us could be a victim of any of such heinous crimes. There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing lurking around and looking for who to attack. Just the way we see advances in technology, it’s the same way criminals advance in their methods of operation. And be it is a female, male, child, or the elderly, literally no one is 100% safe from these attackers.

It has become absolutely necessary to learn self-reliance and now is the best time to get better at it. Whether it is a terror attack or a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or even an entirely random situation, it is always better to be prepared and just having a self-defence tool with you could just be the reason for escaping the most fatal situation.

The best self-defence tools are the ones that are discrete and convenient to carry around, and at the same time highly effective. While there are some self-defence tools that are more lethal and require some level of training like Knives or firearms, there are also non-lethal weapons which any average person can conveniently use like pepper spray and tasers. So, if you must carry a self-defence tool with you, make sure it is one of the best ones available.

Here are some of the best self-defence tools you should consider having Today.

  1. King Guard Anti-Attacks Pepper Spray
Image courtesy of Jumia

Think security. Think safety. Think King Guard Pepper Spray!
What better way to defend and protect yourself than leaving your attacker incapacitated and disoriented? This is exactly what this small but powerful pepper spray does.

This pepper spray will immediately disarm the assailant when sprayed directly in the face, causing the attacker temporary blindness, to choke and cough uncontrollably. You can use It to overpower your attacker while giving you the chance to escape. This tool is highly effective and you can use it to defend yourself against any human or animal attacker. It is used by both individuals and enforcement who use it for dispersing crowd.

You should never leave home without this light weight pepper spray because it will definitely save you in any attack situation. Attackers can attack from anywhere, so it’s best to carry it with you everywhere you go and also keep at home. And the best part of this is that it’s portable and fits perfectly in any bag, purse or even pocket.

Buy it here: King Guard Anti-Attacks Pepper Spray

  1. 5-Meter Taser Stun Gun
Image courtesy of Jumia

In any attack situation, the first line of defence is to maintain distance and this long range anti-riot device just makes it the ideal self-defence tool to have. Although small in size and light-weight, it emits a shock wire that delivers a powerful punch that can be discharged from a five meters’ range.

Powerful Stun guns are expected to deliver up to 1 million volts for it to be very effective and this stun gun generates 80 – 200 million volts of high voltage, which can send a massive blow leaving any attacker incapacitated and giving you enough time to escape and find help. The great thing about this device is it’s ability to immobilize your attacker from a distance of 15 feet. That is good enough distance to deter your attacker from getting too close to you.

This is definitely one of the best tools to control the violence on the streets. Use it to protect yourself when walking to your car at night or give to your child who is old enough to carry it, to give yourself some peace of mind. They come in different colours and so it may not easily be noticed by the attacker. Having a premier self-defence tool that is discrete and powerful is a must-have and this 5-meter Taser Stun Gun is just what you need.

Buy it here: 5 Meter Taser Stun Gun

  1. 1203 Type Self-Defence Electric Flashlight
Image courtesy of Jumia

One of the best things you would need when escaping from any attack at night is a flashlight to help you find your way in the dark. This sought after model of outdoor Emergency Survival Flashlight is equipped with multiple functions that serve as a reliable flashlight and a highly effective stun gun. It comes with a high powered 25 million volts voltage electric shock and bright LED flashlight that illuminates directly into the attacker’s eyes. It is easy to use and has a plastic body that allows for a firm grip.

It is great for your personal self-defence when outdoors and can be quickly used when needed.

Buy it here: 1203 Type Self-Defence Electric Flashlight

  1. 1101 Type Flashlight Stun Gun
Image courtesy of Jumia

Whether you have to walk through dark alleys and pathways on your way home, or you are suddenly attacked by a hoodlum, or an aggressive driver or a violent drunk, or even a wild animal, then this 7” long electric stunner will surely come to your rescue.

With 150 Lumen LED flashlight, this 12 million volt Taser will definitely put any attacker on alert and immediately ground any size of attacker in form of human or animal. It is commonly used by police officers, the military and security professionals. It can easily be carried about due to its light weight and durability.

It looks like any regular torch and so it can be held easily without attracting the attention of your attacker. And at the same time, it can quickly be used when needed.

Buy it here: 1101 Type Flashlight Stun Gun

  1. TW-09 Telescopic Baton Taser

The TW-09 Expandable Baton Taser is another great non-lethal device for the win and it is definitely a must-have self-defence tool right now. Providing a three-level protection, this electric stunner is capable of stunning any size of human or animal attacker with its 3-way multi-functional use to protect you with its blinding flashlight, high pitch tone alarm sound and 1 million volts of voltage. The alarm sound is used to scare off the attacker even before attempting to shock him on any part of his body. It can easily be expanded fully up to 21.5 inches and only 13 inched when collapsed. It comes with a holster that you can wear around your waist making it more convenient to move around with it. You may also decide to carry it in your handbag or backpack.

What is most interesting about this self-defence tool is that the metal part is highly electrifying. So, if the attacker tries to grab the baton from you, he will receive an electric shock. It is just the ideal self-defence tool to have on you when outdoors at any time. At least, if the sound and illuminating LED light does not deter the attacker, a heavy jolt most certainly will.

Buy it here: TW-09 Telescopic Baton Taser

  1. TW-105 High Voltage Stun Gun
Image courtesy by Jumia

You are bound to take charge when faced with your attacker with this TW-105 High Voltage Stun Gun. This electric stunner can release a combination of 6 million volts of voltage power and blinding ultra-bright LED flashlight which are ideal and a perfect combination for self-defence.

Buy it here: TW-105 High Voltage Stun Gun

  1. Blast Knuckles Taser
Image courtesy of Jumia

Now, this Blast Knuckle Stun Gun is another great addition to your collection of self-defence tools. It is the ideal protection tool for joggers and walkers. It is worn around your hand like an accessory, so you are sure to have it handy anytime it is needed. It is difficult to slip out of your hands during any attack or for the attacker to snatch it off your hand, because it wears in perfectly.

And also, the contoured clutch is coated with rubber that allows you maintain a firm grip. And what’s more, it can be activated quickly with the safety switch that is easily turned on with your thumb.

But it here: Blast Knuckles Taser

  1. Type 800 SG 17 Stun Gun
Image courtesy of Jumia

This professional pocket-sized Type 800 Taser may look just like a pack of cigarette, but it is able to emit electric current of 20,000 Kv that can send any size of human or animal attacker to the ground. It is small, but very powerful and also comes with a practical LED light that can be very useful.

This little device can protect any woman from being raped or assaulted, and it fits perfectly into your palms to avoid the attention of any attacker. Very ideal to carry in your hand, a bag or even in your jacket pocket.

Buy it here: Type 800 SG 17 Stun Gun

  1. 120-130db Emergency Personal Safety Alarm
Image courtesy of Jumia

In any attack situation, you will always need to call for help. The last thing any attacker wants is to have attention on him, and that is exactly what a personal safety alarm does.

This 130db personal safety alarm delivers a piercing alarm sound that is hard to ignore. It can be heard from hundreds of feet away. The sound sends your attacker into confusion and may just be enough to deter the attacker away. In crime cases of opportunity like carjacking and robbery, this will be an effective tool to use to draw attention and alert your neighbours to come to your rescue. And talk about protecting you from intruders and attackers, both in your home and when you are outside.

With this, your level of confidence and personal safety is increased, and what more can you need other than having a tool that can help save your live and the lives of others. What’s even better is that it comes with a led mini flashlight and a built-in key chain that makes it very portable to hang on a purse or hand bag, back pack or even your belt hole. And anyone regardless of age and physical disability can use it without any formal training. It is very suitable for Night shift workers, people living alone, students, joggers, elderly, disabled, and many others.

Buy it here: 120-130db Emergency Personal Safety Alarm

  1. 2pcs Emergency Survival Safety Outdoor Whistle
Image courtesy of Jumia

If you don’t have a personal safety alarm, then surely you can opt for this 2pcs Emergency Survival whistle. A police siren sound can emit up to 120 dp which is the same as this emergency whistle. And this is close to the hearing pains thresholds of 140db that any human can experience. It is super loud, enough to be heard even from a long distance. This is what you need to call for help from people close by and even far away, while at the same time being able to blast your attacker’s ears with such painful level of sound. It can even be used in any dusty or water-logged environment. It is very small in size and can fit perfectly almost anywhere, whether it’s in your pocket, purse, or can even be tied to your wrist as a bracelet.

Very ideal for calling help in emergency situations when you are outdoors and can be used not only when you are being attacked, but also when you go for camping, hiking, hunting or any outdoor activities.

If you are indoors and need to call for help, the safety alarm will be more ideal.

Buy it here: 2pcs Emergency Survival Safety Outdoor Whistle

  1. Safety Survival Ring Window Breaker
Image courtesy of Jumia

The best self-defence gadgets are the ones you can easily carry around and have with you at any time you encounter an attack. What other best way than to have an accessory on that not only serves as a fashion jewelry, but also a self-defence gadget. Absolutely amazing!

This pretty Safety Survival Ring Window Breaker made from high quality stainless steel material, is simply strong and practically perfect for smashing any glass window in an emergency get-away. It is very portable and durable.

Buy it here: Safety Survival Ring Window Breaker

  1. Men’s Metal Stainless Steel Belt
Image courtesy by Jumia

Here is another self-defence tool that is worth considering. It doubles up as a fashion accessory for men, as well as a self-defence tool for your protection. Although, this would require some form of physical exchange between you and the attacker. Even if you don’t put it on, you can carry it in your back pack or pocket when walking alone at night or in an unfamiliar territory. It is made from alloy and metal, and very ideal to be used for stroking any part of your attacker’s body.

Buy it here: Men’s Metal Stainless Steel Belt

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